Don’t forget to remember not to forget: A Moving Checklist



Moving can be a stressful time.  We have complied a helpful checklist that can be of assistance to you so that you can plan ahead and be prepared.

Several Months Before Moving

  • Go through all of your belongings and remove any items that you no longer use.
  • Consider making clothing or furniture donations to your local charitable organizations
  • Call moving or truck rental companies and find a price that works for you
  • Start to purchase packing supplies
  • Be sure to keep all your legal and medical records in a safe place and separate from the items to be packed
  • Consider purchasing insurance for any valuables that will be moved

1 Month Before Moving

  • Begin to pack non-essential items and things that are not regularly used
  • Back up your computers onto external hard drives
  • Contact all of your utilities and advise them of the move

1 Week Before Moving

  • Inform the post office of your upcoming move
  • Pack a separate bag of essential items, including toothbrushes, a change of clothing, medicines and food to be used in an emergency on moving day and the day after the move
  • Finish labeling and packing all boxes
  • Be sure to notify your bank, insurance company, school, doctor, lawyer, and other service provides of your new address
  • Set aside sheets, towels, soap and other essentials for the day of moving and the day after the move

1 Day before Moving

  • Set aside directions to your new house, the telephone number of your moving company
  • Sheets, pocket knives and tape should also be set aside for moving day

Moving Day

  • Pick up the keys from your lawyer, or if you already have them, keep them somewhere safe so that they are not lost during the move
  • Take your emergency bag and all medications with you
  • Take all documentation related to your new home with you, along with your lawyers telephone number/email address and your sales representatives telephone number/email address

After the Move

  • Obtain new Identification Cards with your updated address
  • Enroll your children in a new school
  • Find routes to the local stores, hospitals and other services


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