Wills & Estates

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Your Last Will & Testament

Drafting a Will is a precise and specialized skill.  We can help you in the preparation of your Last Will and Testament.  We are here to provide you with advice that meets your needs and ensures that your family is protected.

Services Available:

  • Drafting Last Will & Testament
  • Power of Attorney for Personal Care
  • Power of Attorney for Property
  • Health Care Directives
  • Mutual Will Contracts
  • Organ Donation Consent
  • Henson Trusts
  • Letters of Administration (Probate)

Letters of Administration (Probate)

Obtaining Letters of Administration, also known as Probating a Will, is the legal process where an application is made before the Court for formal approval of the Last Will & Testament of the deceased, and for formal appointment of the Executor who will act as the Estate Trustee.

Survivorship Applications

This application is used to register title to a property into the name of a survivor upon the death of a joint tenant.  The Castle Lawyers have handled thousands of applications of this nature and can assist you in getting title put into a survivors name after the death of a titled joint tenant.

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